What is the Legit Local Market?

I'm Aly, the creator and founder of the Legit Local Market + I own Finding Iowa here in Des Moines, a local handmade and vintage business. I used to have a brick and mortar location in Valley Junction but chose to take my business mobile last year in an adorable vintage camper. I also expanded my online presence. It was the best decision I ever made. Although my brick and mortar was very successful, I was always there. Always. My mobile business gives me more freedom and more time to create. Also, I got to hang with my dog all day. It was pretty awesome. 


But then there were times that I missed my shop...like Small Business Saturday. That was my day. I loved it when I had my shop. And it was a great day for business. But when I didn't have my shop, I didn't have a place to go for Small Business Saturday. 


The first year going mobile I teamed up with Found Things to do a pop up on that day, but with my camper, well, it was COLD. Finding another event the first year on Small Business Saturday was non-existent.


Throughout the summer talking to other local businesses, the Legit Local Market emerged.


I knew that I wanted it to be exclusively local. Many local businesses expressed frustration that the majority of other markets and shows chose to feature businesses far out of Iowa, overlooking locals even after they applied. 


I also knew that locals without brick and mortar locations needed a place to go for Small Business Saturday. And beyond that, a place to go that truly celebrated all things local.


It is my passion to shop these businesses not only on Small Business Saturday, but on ever day. It it very important to me to give our community a place to shop where they know for certain that every dollar they spend stays right here in our community,


It is my goal not only to provide our community an event that they will look forward to again and again, but also to provide our local businesses an experience that leaves them stress free and full of local love. To let them know how much everyone appreciates them being in our community doing what they do.


We can't wait for you to join us in our LOCAL celebration!