Vendor FAQ

Q. I want to be a vendor at the Legit Local Market. Now what?

Awesome! Just fill out the application on the Vendor Application. You can apply by submitting online or you can mail us a copy. Just make sure that you meet all of our requirements for vendors: You must be a local business within 100 miles of Des Moines (give or take), you must be selling your own product and not someone else’s (no direct sales), and you must be awesome! Upon acceptance into the market, a contract will be sent to you via email as well as an invoice for your booth space. You must respond to the email within 1 week from receipt of acceptance to guarantee your spot. 

Q. What size space will I get?

Spaces are first come first serve for size requirements. And we are very open to whatever your needs are so long as we have the flexibility. So apply early! Prices are on the application but may vary depending if you have a specific need that isn’t listed.

Q. Where is the market located & what is the space like?

Location for Small Business Saturday 2019 will be the historic Val Air Ballroom at 301 Ashworth Dr., West Des Moines, IA. 

Q. What kinds of advertising are you planning on doing for the event?

We are planning on hitting social media platforms heavy with ads. We are also distributing event flyers and postcards in the area and throughout the state. We will also be contacting local media outlets beforehand to cover the event. We are also teaming up with local businesses that are sponsoring the event and will also be promoting it.

Q. What is your refund policy?

All payments made to the Legit Local Market are not refundable.

Q. What about setup?

Setup for the 2019 Small Business Saturday Market will begin the day before the event. We will arrive early and be staying late to accommodate others that may be coming from other shows. A more detailed schedule will be sent to you closer to the day of the event. Our venue will be very easy for setup and parking will be readily available. However, to avoid any stress for you, we strongly recommend that you setup the day before the event.

Q. Will tables and chairs be provided?

Tables and chairs will be available on a first come first serve basis. We can not guarantee that they will be available or will work for you or your setup. To avoid not having a setup that you prefer, we suggest that you plan to bring everything that you need for your display.

Q. What else should I bring?

Cash/change, card reader for credit cards, any tables and chairs that you might need, extra help to assist you with the show, snacks, chargers for your phone, portable battery pack.

Q. Will I have electricity?

Please contact us if you are needing electricity for the show. Electricity is not guaranteed for any spot.

Q. What about sales tax?

Exhibitors are responsible for collection of their own sales tax.  The Legit Local Market and its organizers are not responsible.  You are required to apply for a Iowa Sales Tax Permit since the State of Iowa is no longer offering Temporary Sales Permits.  Please go to to get your Iowa Sales Permit.


Q. Can I sell someone else’s item in my booth?

No. You are the only exhibitor allowed to sell your own merchandise in the space you’ve paid for and signed contracts for. No exceptions.